Cardio Pump and Drills

These drills include hitting a lot of balls with a bit of a work out for 90 minutes, usually over 300 balls mainly fed by 2 ball machines, that can feed topspin, under spin, lobs etc. The drills are such that you can challenge yourself to the maximum or go easy at 50% without affecting the group. There is little technical and tactical coaching. Playing levels are just a guideline to keep everyone working on the same drills, however it is not crucial as you are not hitting to one another majority of the time. The drills usually depend on what the majority of the group needs like forehands, volleys, doubles points etc… No monthly bill, sign up online and pay $15, make sure to sign up, as there is a cut off and minimum of 6 to proceed with the session. Monday 7pm for men, Wednesday 7pm advanced ladies, Thursday 7pm and Friday 9am  novice ladies.

Intermediate/Beginner Women’s Drills Sign up

Friday Morning from 9-10:30am

Click here to sign up.

Advanced Women Drills Sign Up (ideal for ALTA “A” league players)

Wednesday Night from 7-8:30pm

Click here to sign up.

Men’s Drills Sign Up (no longer exist due to unpopular demand until further notice)

Monday Night from 7-8:30pm

Click here to sign up 


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