ALTA Teams

Dear team captain, 

Thank you for taking on this position. Good luck with the upcoming season. I know how difficult and time consuming it is, feel free and do not hesitate to ask for anything that may make your job any easier.

  • The fee is per season and not per lesson. But you might need to break it down for everyone. $1300/season. We average 10 lessons a season and if you have 10 players that’s $130/player for the season.
  • Please collect and write one check at first day of practice.
  • If you need an immediate response on anything, please text Takura. We do not check emails on court.
  • Please confirm one off or last minute changes, the day before preferably. You do not need to do that for anything on schedule from the beginning of the season.

Feel free to cut and paste for your teammates.

  • Number of lessons. Ideally 5 lessons before the first match. 5 lessons in 3 weeks and then the 7 weekly during the season. All lessons end not later than a week after the season is over. It’s an averaging out system, but not less than 8 , all depending on weather.
  • Lesson plan. Group ALTA lessons, out of the 4 aspects of the game, technique will be the least focused on in a group setting days before a match. Strategy and tactics will be the main focus. 
  • The first 4 lessons of the season are the most crucial. 
  • We teach in progressions, if you are new to the program, please try come to your first 4 lessons back to back for best results. Sporadic attendance will be very confusing. 




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