Thanksgiving tennis camps

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

DeKalb school calendar shows there is no school from November 19-27. TAA will be holding it’s Thanksgiving tennis camps for kids everyday of the week for every level. If you are not sure what color group your child is in please contact Takura.

Let us take advantage of this week. The weather looks good, on the 19th is 63 degrees and sunny. For anyone that wants private lessons, this gives you an idea on availability. Some times might become available should there be no one in those groups.

Monday 21-Saturday 26  10-11.00 am Tinny Tiny Tots (1 hr)

Monday 21-Saturday 26 11-0100 pm Red group (lower & upper) 2 hrs

Monday 21-Saturday 26 01-04.00 pm Orange group (lower & upper) 3 hrs

Monday 21-Saturday 26 04-07.00 pm Green group (upper orange) 3 hrs

Thursday 24 Thanksgiving day will be as follows:

09.00-10.30 Red and lower Orange (1.5hrs)

10.30-12.00 Orange and Green (1.5hrs)

It costs $15/hr except for kids in the after school program that have not taken a break and will not take a break through out winter. Should something come up and you need stop and skip paying the monthly fee, you need to pay for all the prior extra lessons at $15/hr.

Please let me know if you are in town and which days you will be attending. Based on the numbers I might shorten the sessions or cancel the whole group for that day. Please email Takura with days you will be attending.

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