Frequently asked questions.

Question: Why do you have a minimum number for classes?

Answer: Most classes, especially the younger kids’ groups still need to develop love for the game, there are a lot fewer fun games, drills or exercises to do with 3 kids than 8. Social development is ideal in a larger group. There are 4 aspects to tennis technical, physical, tactical and mental. Each of these are best taught or mastered in certain group sizes. The one thing best taught with low numbers is technique but we do not focus entirely on technique with pre adolescent kids. All the other 3 are best taught in medium to large groups. For example,  if we are working on endurance (physical) a group of 12 kids running 2 miles is better than say 3 kids as they push each other and they feed off each other for motivation and in a large group they naturally fall into ability groups. Too many is not ideal either but can easily be managed than the other way round.

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