January 12. 2018 Compliments of the season. Updates and reminders. (Scroll down for more emails)

Hello everyone, 

We trust and hope that everyone is well and healthy starting of this new year. The weather has been extreme the past couple of weeks, it looks like it will be a lot better weeks to come. 

Just a few notifications and reminders to kick off 2018.

1) Today Friday 12, tennis is cancelled all day due to the rain and heavy misting. We did manage to dry the courts enough to play 3-5:15 pm yesterday and only had to cancel the last session when it got worse. It was in the 60’s so we were reluctant to cancel. Please remember to check website on questionable days or check with us. We had tennis larger part of Wednesday and Thursday, Bobby and I spend hours sometimes clearing puddles and blowing courts and only 1 person showed up for tiny tots when the courts were dry and temperatures in 60’s.

2) This Monday 15, is Martin L. King day and schools will be out, there won’t be after school drills, instead we will hold a camp for everyone in program.

With the low temperatures expected we will be starting later than normal when it is warmer. 10-12 pm for Red group and tiny tots(1st hour only). 12-2 pm for everyone else. Camps are the BEST times to request trial for next higher group. 

Sign up link:

3) Starting this year, I will be posting a copy of all group emails on the website, so if you ever miss one for any reason or easy reference  you could easily access it with all their links. If you go on home page, under “ABOUT” you will see the top tab that says “EMAILS”. Click on that and you will see all emails ever sent starting 2018. If you are new to program, great to catch yourself up if you can’t get hold of us.

4) We are aware how important everyone’s time is so all the important information is in bullet form at top of emails and when you have time or want more detail, I will have a section at the end of some emails, headlined, “REMINDER:” you can always read this later.

5) Welcome to 2018, we are very happy to see everyone who has been braving this weather and forever grateful for your support of the tennis program at Village Mill.

6) Thank you again to all of you, most of you for paying on time without the need of an invoice or reminder. It has made my life easier during this period without admin help. That will change very soon. Thank you in the meantime, it has truly made things easier.

REMINDER: As part of OUR averaging out system, we anticipate bad weather in the Winter months, that is why we do and offer so many extra day camps during the rest of the school year to average out on days when we have to cancel. We took the time to analyze certain trends before we introduced this system 7 years ago. We make room for only 100 kids into our program when it could handle 120, this allows lots of flexibility. One of the things we noticed in the Winter months, the weather is unpredictable so you may come on the better days if your day is going to be a washout or when we have a stretch of good weather (check with us first). We have a good mixture of private/public schools, elementary/junior/senior, christian/jewish or cold/heat tolerant students. As a result we very seldom have everyone on the courts at the same time, hence the averaging out system. It is best to be proactive and avoid waiting when you are days behind. Great times to build up future make up day reservoir is on camp days. Usually people who vacation in the hot months stay in town in the Winter and vice versa, most people do not take Thanksgiving and Winter break out of town and the different school timetables between private and public schools make it easier to maximize your time on the court. If for example there is a jewish holiday, there will be more than normal open spots, so even if it’s not your day you may ask to do an extra lesson.

Right now there are school trials and those kids did multiple extra days to prepare for that around Thanksgiving and Winter break knowing they will miss a lot of tennis in January and February which opens up a lot of slots for everyone else during those months. So feel free to come (ask first) extra days those 2 months. If there is a field trip and you don’t go, it means there will be extra spots that day even if not your regular day but just check with us first.

The average person in program from first to last day will have about 40 extra lessons (free) if they never miss a day in a school year. The program is designed for progressions so if you miss too many days and do not make a point to make them up you fall behind and it gets harder to catch up. We have seen many kids quit tennis weeks after coming back from long breaks as their peers will have progressed further than them. For a child it is harder to understand that they have not gotten worse BUT that their peers have just gotten better. This is the main reason for the no pro rating system, so as to discourage long breaks from the game, if you miss part of the month, you should be able to make up when you get back or should have before your break.


May 11: Important end of school year announcements

Hello everyone, 

I trust this email finds everyone well. It has been yet another great year. Bobby and I would like to thank you all so very much for allowing us to be part of your developmental lives. We are both doing something we love and we don’t feel like we are going to work at all because of all of you. Thank you for being part of the program. Also thank you for the 95% of you for paying on a timely manner without any extra work on our part, that would be work and again we are not having to do that because of you. May 1st was our 7th anniversary at Village Mill, we look forward to serving you for many more years to come.

1) The summer camp schedule has been up for a while now and it is online, just not to confuse anyone I will not add link to this email as I will be adding one for the swim and tennis games drills sign up. The only thing that changed from years past is the sign up deadline. We have moved it back to Friday 9 pm for that following week camp so as to give enough time for the people signed up to make alternative plans should the camp cancel due to low numbers. So please sign up early.

2)The swim and tennis games sign up is now available. These are only an hour, so ideal for kids after swimming or kids wanting to try out tennis, you do not need a racket if you don’t have one, we have extra rackets. It’s mainly games and a little technical instruction so if you need more, we have tennis camps 9-12 pm for 4 days. More info on sign up page.

3)Tennis camp t-shirts. We are always thriving to improve everyone’s experience in the program. We have noticed out of about 500 t shirts we have given away only 5/8 kids periodical wear them, so we changed 2 years ago to more expensive dri-fit cooler material and still no change. It costs me $800-1000 annually to get the shirts and I could use the same money towards adding or improving something else. 

a) we could use that towards an actual tournament at end of summer with prizes and food for everyone that attended camp that year or

b) Offer everyone a $7 discount on camps and scrap the free t shirts.

c) have a bigger end of week pizza party, include drinks and dessert.

Any ideas? Let me know if you feel  strongly about this issue. Printing company is holding order.

4) I’m excited this Fall I will be bringing 10-12 kids from Zimbabwe for a tennis camp and cultural experience. These are tennis players already from a wealthy private school in Zimbabwe but I will sponsor 2 kids for the entire trip’s costs, who deserve it but cannot afford, everyone else can definitely afford. They will be here for about 10 days and I want them to have a cultural experience and not live in hotel the entire time they are here. I will have everyone’s picture and brief bio and their contact information for anyone interested in hosting a kid for a few days while they are here. Some might opt to live in hotel, I can accommodate all 12 of them at my house with their chaperones for a few days if need be but thought some of you would love your kids to interact with African kids for a few days. They are mostly from Whitestone school, link of the school is below. It will be an intense tennis camp and Southern States sight seeing so i will pay for your kids to join in any event/activity they do with them. Let me know and I will send you the bio’s so your kids can start to interact before they come.

5) As part of our continual improvement to the program, we are making a slight change this Fall in the hope to change a trend and benefit our strong high schoolers. We are going to have at least 2 days where we only have teenagers in the 5:30- 7 pm classes. Our philosophy has not changed at all about grouping in ability but cases where 17 year old kids loose to 10 year old kids only ends up in quitting/going to other programs. We will still have ability groups within those classes. Right now Mondays and Wednesdays will ONLY be reserved for teenage tennis players. So please plan on these changes, Nothing else changes, the main reason we have relatively had the exact same schedule for drills for the past 7 years is to make it easier for planning in advance.

6)This email and others will be online as well under “ABOUT- emails” for quick future reference or new people to the program, so you can go back to all the emails sent this year.

Thank you again for a wonderful year, we hope to see you again in the Fall and at Summer Camps.




POSTED May 23  End of school year tomorrow. (Notices and Important Reminders)

Hello everyone, 

Tomorrow (Thursday) is the last day of school. Congratulations!! You made it.
1)We will have a first day of Summer camp for free for everyone in program on Friday 25. No need to sign up all at usual times. Tiny tots/red group 9-11 am with only first hour for Tiny tots and 11-1 pm for everyone else. 
2) All the summer tennis camps info for both camps and swim/tennis drills is online. Go to website or click link. Sign up early to get your $20 discount :
3)We will be strict with ability groups in the Fall, we will not move kids up just because their school schedule has changed, if your child is on the fence, please bring them so we can help them get ready for next group. We will be at the courts ALL Summer. 
If you need to make plans for the Fall, our schedule will be the same with a slight adjustment. Mondays and Wednesdays 5:30-7 pm will be reserved for kids ONLY 13 and over who can keep up with the level.
4) Kids from Zimbabwe will be coming September 2 and leaving September 14. So far we have 9 confirmed. Youngest age is 11 and oldest is 16 but most are in the middle. I will have their bio’s and contacts for those interested in hosting to communicate before they get here.
5) Just as I suspected, there was not a single vote for the t-shirts so the money will go towards a tournament free for the Summer campers on Saturday 8th of September when the Zimbabwean kids are here. 
6)I will keep communicating via emails but I will also be very active on social media now. You will not miss anything but I will share more ……pictures, videos stories on instagram and facebook. You do not need to have both, they are both linked, whatever is on facebook will sync with instagram. PLEASE FOLLOW ME @Tennisarukat. 
Thank you again for being part of TAA, you are the reason we are so successful. Happy Summer everyone and congratulations to all the High School graduates!!!
See you on the court.


Sent May 31. Summer camps and Bobby


Hello everyone, 


First week done, 9 more weeks to go of summer camps. I hope you survived it. 


Starting June Bobby will no longer be working at Village Mill. He got an offer somewhere and has taken it. I wish him all the best. Bobby has been with Village Mill for 5 years, that’s is very long for someone at his age where there are so many great offers coming in left and right for someone as good as he was. Nothing is really going to change, I will be picking up a lot more hours and Anna who has been working with Bobby for 2 years now will be doing some of the young kid classes that I can’t do. I have people in line for Bobby’s position by the time schools start there should be someone and if you come to some Summer camps you will meet your new coach.


Camps: I need to clarify a few things, nothing has changed. There are differences between the sessions like morning summer camps 3hours(minimum 6), afternoon summer camps 4 hours(minimum 6) and swim and games 1 hour(minimum 4). Usually most people do one but if you have kids doing more than one, please make note.

1) Swim and games, there is NO TENNIS this Friday on any Friday if we get rained out, I wanted to do a make up this week and turns out the timetable is different on Fridays and I won’t risk confusing anyone. If you are going to do a make up you paid for, please sign up. Remember if you sign up and don’t show you still need to pay.

2) Swim and games, if there are less than 4 people the night before THE SESSION IS AUTOMATICALLY CANCELLED, please check the night before, deadline is days before. We have been lucky so far, there has always been a coach at the courts but I can’t guarantee that. The cost for the classes is $12 per class, it went up 2 years ago from $10.

3) Summer camps, right now it looks like we will be canceling a lot of the morning camps because of low numbers so please make sure to check Friday night/Saturday to confirm if we have camp the following week.

4) Zimbabwean tennis player tour, there has been a few developments and right now it’s 50/50 it will happen. I will keep you posted on that.


Stay hydrated and see you on the courts. Enjoy the summer.


JULY 15, Tennis After school REGISTRATION Fall 2018

(you may go straight to highlighted section if veterinary to the program)

Hello everyone, 

I hope this email finds everyone well and enjoying Summer, it is going by so quickly. It is already that time of the year. Nothing has changed from the last several years of registration or the program. 

Reminder: The program mainly runs on a ability and NOT age groups, however we do try consider other things. Every group has 3 levels, lower, middle and upper and as soon as a child’s development is no longer being challenged they move to the next group even without parent request. We are very carefully not to move up children too soon because if we are one week off the end result usually is tougher to reverse than staying in a lower class for a few extra weeks. Prices are still the same. Check online under payments which now allows you to type in any amount if you can’t find it on drop down.

(a)Tiny Tots (TT) are every weekday 3-4 pm, we are aware some kids are a few minutes late and made adjustments for it last season. Usually between 6-9 years old. Only group that does not need evaluation, if not challenged the following week will be moved up to next group.

(b)Red group are every weekday 4- 5:30 pm. In the past this has been the most challenging group as some kids’ school schedules changes but not their playing level but most kids have been taking extra lessons/summer camps to bridge the gap and it worked out great last year. If you are on fence we still have 2 more weeks of camps.

(c)In an effort to increase everyone’s learning experience and development. Only slight change this year, we will separate orange group and green group.

 Orange group will be Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays 5:30-7 pm

(d)Green group will be Monday and Wednesdays but not limited to. This group will ONLY be kids at that playing level and are 13 years old and up. We have some 9 year old kids that can keep up with some 16 year olds but the age difference is just too big, not ideal environment for either.

The After school program starts August 6 with camps for all registered and payed up. Start of the averaging out system for future make up lessons, more details sent when you register.

1) All you need to do is reply to this email or send an email with subject “Registration”. Name of child, group and what day/s you would like to attend. When possible add optional days. Example (i) John Doe Red group Monday and Wednesdays and Friday as last option (ii) Jane Davies TT Tuesday (note: Will arrive about 10 minutes late every week) and Peter Davies Orange group Tuesday and Thursdays. THAT’S ALL 

2) As usual the VM members will get first dibs at all the slots, as some classes fill up quick. I will send another email in a week for the non members to submit their times and days. Non members you will be contacted by Wendy Puckett (Village Mill tennis chair or another board member) for the annual non member fees, which are just for using courts during practice only.

3) New pros. As you all know Bobby has left and Anna will be starting college. I have interviewed several pros and settled on 4 pros. 2 will be full time and the other 2 will be part time. The board will do background checks on all of them. You may have seen some of them this Summer. Come and meet them at the camps. Christian, Skyler, Sonali and Kelsey all between 23-27 years old. Once the back ground check is done, I will update the website with their bio’s. We will be able to offer multiple pros in a group with different skill levels.

4) You are only in program when you receive an email headlined “Official confirmation”. I will not send out confirmation emails for about 10-12 days because I need to see how the groups are forming, we might need to move a few kids around for optimal groups. In a class, the first 4/6 people usually determine that class dynamic. Sign up early to get the group to be structured around you. 

5) Zimbabwean tennis players. Due to a series of unfortunate events, the tennis trip will not happen this year. thank you all so very much to all of you who had offered to help. It will happened sometime soon.

Enjoy the last few weeks of Summer.


JULY 21st : After school Fall Registration NOW OPEN TO EVERYONE!

Hello everyone, 

 Registration Camp: Meet the Pros, Pizza, Games & Drills

You and your players (and prospective players!) are invited and encouraged to attend Registration Camp on Friday, August 3, 2018. 9-12 pm for everyone and 9-10:30 for younger/entry level players. I am really excited about the addition of these younger energetic tennis pros which will allow a little bit more flexibility and more ideal groupings. Come meet the pros and ask away!!

Registration Details

Everyone can now send in their preferred days and groups for registration and I will send out confirmations by Friday 27th. 

Not sure what group/day

Please go to link for grouping criteria or bottom of this email after signature.

Tiny Tots group is now called The SILVER group.  

Sometimes it might also be referred to as the entry level group. 

I am excited about the new season, please double check you are signing up for correct group. The dates are narrowed for more ideal groupings, we will pay a lot more attention to this going forward. 

Remember on any questionable days (weather/holidays etc..)to check website for update. Entire year calendar for your planning is also up to date.

Kind regards, 

Takura Musungwa

Tennis Arukat Academy LLC

mobile 404 324 0399

PLEASE see below to make sure your child is in the right class or ask one of the Pros if you are unclear. Evaluation is needed for all new players and if a player has been away from the program for more than a season.

  Silver group(formerly Tiny Tots) Sometimes referred to as the entry level group.

Our goal with the Silver group is to grow the love for the sport, work on hand-eye coordination and keep it fun. 

Lower Silver: Mondays (only) from 3PM to 4PM

  • These players are usually 6-7 years old.
  • Player should be able to understand basic instructions like “Get in line,” “Stand behind on the line” or “Stand beside your teammate,” etc.

Intermediate Silver: Wednesdays & Fridays from 3PM to 4PM

  • Player must have ability to throw and catch a ball from service line at least 6x in a row
  • Player should be able to do 20 ups and downs on a racket
  • Player should be able to hit 6/10 balls from the service line over the net thrown at them from the other side of the net. 

Advanced Silver: Tuesdays & Thursdays from 3PM to 4PM

  • Player have to be able to rally with a pro from the service line 20 balls and 8 with a peer (counting only balls hit by the player) in 3 attempts using a red ball
  • Player should get 6/10 serves in from the service line in 3 attempts
  • Player need to understand the scoring and how you win/loose point. 

Red Group

Lower Red: Mondays (only) from 4PM to 5:30PM

  • Player must have ability to rally with a Pro from the baseline forehands and backhands 20 balls and 8 with a peer (counting only balls hit by the player) in 3 attempts using orange ball
  • Player can hit 6/10 serves in from the baseline in 3 attempts
  • Player can hit 6/10 volleys from mid service box over the net. 

Mid-Red: Tuesdays and Thursdays 4PM to 5:30PM

  • Player must be able to rally with a Pro 20 balls and 8 with a peer (counting only balls hit by the player) using topspin and full follow through on most of the balls in 3 attempts.
  • Player should be able to hit 6/10 one handed backhand slices from the service line over the net in 3 attempts.
  • Player should be able to hit 12/20 forehand and backhand volleys from mid service box in 3 attempts. 

Upper Red: Wednesdays and Fridays 4PM to 5:30 PM

  • Player must be able to rally 4/10 slice backhands with a pro in 3 attempts.
  • Player must be able to hit 6/10 forehand swinging volleys from the baseline over the net in 3 attempts.
  • Player should be able to get 4/10 serves in from the baseline with the continental grip in 3 attempts.

Orange Group: Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays 5:30PM to 7PM for all sublevels

Lower Orange:

  • Player must be able to rally 6/10 volleys from mid service box with a peer in 3 attempts.
  • Player must be able to hit 6/10 bounce overhead over the net from the baseline in first attempt
  • Player must be able to rally from the baseline with a Pro 10 balls (counting only balls hit by the player) with topspin and follow through using yellow ball in 5 attempts.

Upper Orange: To be considered for green group you have to:

  • Player much be at least 13 years old.
  • Player must be able to play points with intent.
  • Player should be able to hit volleys, slices, overheads and serves with a continental grip.
  • Player should be able to hit topspin, slice and flat serves 2/10 each in first attempt.
  • Player should know how to hit drop shot, topspin lob, drop volley 2/10 of each in first attempt.

Green Group: Mondays and Wednesdays 5:30PM to 7PM

Player must be 13 years and older. Majority of the drills will be rallies with peers, seldom basket/ball machine feeding. Lots of playing points and strategy. When you need basket feeding you will need to book a private lesson. 

Moving Up: Players have the flexibility to move down a level or two but never the other way around until the player meets the criteria for that level. A Pro will suggest for a player to be moved up to the parent to see if their schedule allows it, however the player/parent may express intent at any time and we will keep an eye out for that. Players may expedite that with private lessons.

JULY 27 : Registration camp sign up for next Friday 3rd.

Hello everyone.

I hope everyone is enjoying the last few days of Summer. 

Is your child on the fence in between groups? Next week is the last week of Summer camps. Last chance to sign up this Summer.  Deadline in tonight at 9 pm.

Everyone (prospects too) sign up for this registration camp and meet the new pros, drills, pizza and games. Ideal if you stay the entire time, however you really must, you can stay long enough to get accessed and meet the pros.

We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Happy last week of Summer!


AUGUST 2 : Registartion (final reminder)

Hello everyone, 

We are planning on having the registration camp tomorrow. We have a window in the morning with no rain. Check website in the morning, I will update in there are any changes. If you have not registered here is the link again.

We have more coaches this year, this will make for more ideal smaller groups if the numbers allow. Demand is a very big consideration in the program, the sooner you register the more likely a class will adjust to your kids.

Remember to register into the program before August 31st to avoid the registration fee.

Stay dry and enjoy the last few days of Summer.


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